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1-2-3 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

When it comes to healthy habits, most people think about what they can’t have…

What they have to give up… and what they have to swear off forever.

But I’m here to tell you that type of thinking doesn’t serve you. Healthy living isn’t just about taking things out, it’s about adding the good stuff in.

While it’s true that refined sugars, artificial foods, highly-refined grains, and sickening preservatives should be kicked to the curb, if you only think about what you have to eliminate, getting healthy will feel much more difficult than it needs to and you’re more likely not to follow through with achieving your health and wellness goals. Instead, let delicious health habits crowd out the bad stuff.

Because a scarcity mindset, whether it’s around food, relationships, money or success – will always bring your energy down, reducing your immune system and potentially causing you to get sick.

When you focus your efforts on what to add in rather than what to take out, your mindset immediately shifts to abundance. You get to think about all of the amazing foods and tools at your disposal to enjoy life and feel great. It’s a small shift in your mindset that will do wonders for your health.

With that, here are three healthy habits you can start today that have nothing to do with restriction, elimination, or deprivation…


You may have heard that hot water with lemon is a great morning beverage as it helps jumpstart your digestive enzymes for the day, rehydrates your body after losing moisture while you sleep, and gives you a great dose of vitamin C to start your day.

Limes have similar benefits and are a great way to mix up your morning ritual with a new fresh flavor.

Your body assimilates warm water more easily than cold water. The water should be warm, technically not hot, so it doesn’t kill all of the enzymes in the lemon or lime. I turn my electric kettle on in the morning then let it sit while I do my morning routine. You can also just mix half boiling water with half room temperature water for a nice warm temperature. Squeeze in the juice from half a lemon or lime and sip away. Brush your teeth after or swish with plain water to help get the citrus off your teeth to protect your tooth enamel.


Fiber is the most underrated thing missing from your healthy lifestyle, but it’s absolutely crucial for optimized health.

Fiber comes from the indigestible parts of plants, so filling up on fresh veggies and whole fruits (not fruit juice can get you there. But I find that even with eating well, it can still be hard to reach 25 grams each day. Supplementing with a fiber product is a nice compliment to your daily regimen.

The benefits of fiber include:

helping you feel full

helping debloat your midsection

aiding in digestion

increasing your health


Mint aids digestion, and it’s naturally sweet flavor (sans actual sugar) makes it the perfect after-dinner drink. It also boosts your hydration and has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your system.

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