Autoimmune and How to Handle Flares

Are you currently battling your autoimmune and feel like you are always moving one step forward and two steps back due to flare-ups?


You are not alone AND there is a solution. 


I am here to offer you a solution - just 5 SIMPLE steps - a game plan to help you stop those flare-ups in their tracks!


If you want to nourish your body and get back to living a life in balance - unhindered by endless flare-ups - you need my workshop.


Recognize the symptoms of your flare before it’s too late.

Understand the triggers causing your flare ups.

What NOT to do when you have a flare.

Presented by: Jenny Davis

NBC-HWC, AIP Certified Coach, Heartmath Coach

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Autoimmune & How to Handle Flares
Apr 22, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
In the comfort of your home!
Let me help you gain back control of your life!