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Celebrating those whose lives have been transformed through lifestyle changes.

To read my own healing journey, please click here.

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Having recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my Dr., I wanted to seek alternate ways to deal with the pain and fatigue associated with this disease.  Knowing that relying on pain medications was not what I wanted my future to look like, I contacted Jenny Davis and sought her advice as a health coach.  Jenny informed me that what I needed was to embrace an anti-inflammatory diet and to get a dedicated exercise program incorporated into my daily routine. Jenny is the best!  We started with a 6 week cleanse and then she helped me add foods back into my diet while recognizing the affects they could have as I added them back. During the process I was emailed recipes, web links, and yummy snack ideas, along with a binder full of recipes to begin this new healthy journey.  Because of Jenny's support I am able to say I am pain free!  I know exactly what food triggers I have and how I'm going to feel if I cheat!  Thankfully though, cheating is not too tempting because I have recipes and clean snacks to enjoy so I don't feel deprived at all.  Today, over a year later, I'm eating clean, I am pain free, and a dedicated yogi feeling stronger and looking better than I have in years!



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Being overweight is more than just not looking good, or having to lay down on the bed to zip up your jeans.  Having your clothes fit and feeling good in how you look in them is truly secondary to being healthy.  This is one of the most important lessons I've learned from Jenny.  With Jenny's help I was able to lose nearly 50 pounds!  She has taught me how to choose the right foods that fuel my body and how to make healthy, mindful choices that will not only keep the extra weight off, but that will be good for me.  jenny taught me how to break my sugar dependency and what to replace it with to keep the weight off and not give in to a craving of wanted to eat half a chocolate cake!! If you're tire of feeling bad, having no energy and sick to death of not being healthy and not looking like you want, then give her a call.  She will be the best decision you ever make for your health!  DO IT!

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I always considered myself healthy and athletic.  I played three sports a year through high school and stayed active playing soccer throughout college and beyond.  But over the years, family and business responsibilities began taking more and more of my time and I chose to exclude fitness from my daily routine.  That was a bad decision.

Professionally, I’m a health benefits consultant.  I own a couple of firms that help large employers reduce their health insurance costs by helping their employees get healthier.  So it was the height of hypocrisy for me to be out there selling wellness solutions when I was overweight myself.  I needed to be an ambassador of healthy living—leading the way in making these critical lifestyle changes.  And I wanted to be an example to our clients and their employees that it's never too late to change.

My wake-up moment occurred in 2013.  I received national recognition when I was named Benefits Selling magazine’s 2013 Broker of the Year by my peers.  As part of the award, the magazine scheduled a professional photographer to come to our house for a photo shoot.  But I had gained so much weight that none of my suits looked very good.  So I had to go out a few days before the photo shoot to buy a new, larger one.  

I convinced myself that everything was fine.  I took consolation in the fact that I was going to the gym some, playing soccer every week, taking my vitamins, getting my annual physical and not on any medications.  But I was kidding myself about being healthy.  My diet was the biggest problem: I ate too much.  I ate the wrong things.  I snacked late at night.  And I drank too much beer.  My wife, Jenny, encouraged me for years, but the message really didn't hit home until I saw myself on the cover of the magazine a couple of months later.  

Weighing "an M&M shy of 250 pounds", I looked terrible.  Seeing the photos inside the magazine literally made me feel sick — I realized I needed to change my lifestyle and focus on my fitness.  So just before my 50th birthday, I finally made the decision to focus on my health.

Jenny helped me to understand why I needed to make the dietary changes I did.  Because of these changes, I’ve lost 40 pounds so far — and I’ve kept them off.  While I still have another 15 pounds to go, I already feel better than I have in years.  I enjoy playing soccer more, have much greater energy for normal daily tasks and I’m enjoying life more than ever.  


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I first started working with Jenny to help with weight loss.  I felt like I had tried everything and with menopause setting in, I needed help.  What has happened is so much more than menopause mitigation.  I have learned habits to keep a healthy mind and body which I will use for life.  As a leader in a very stressful time, I am certain that I would not be able to greet my students with a smile each day if it weren't for the application of all that Jenny has taught me.  She has taught me the importance of keeping leafy greens as the primary food to help with toxin balance.  Also, I have been intermittent fasting since working with Jenny, something that I never thought I could do, and it keeps my head more clear and has reduced my belly fat.  I have so much more energy in the morning!  I have also learned that my 3-4 classes of aerobic exercise each will will help with stress relief but not weight loss.  That has come with proper eating, documenting proper eating, and strength training.  She has helped heal my mind and body at a time that was desperately needed, and I am so grateful.


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