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Afraid of Blue Man Syndrome?

Before we begin, let's clear something up. Most of us are pretty familiar with the man that turned blue from taking colloidal silver - an ancient remedy used to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections. This effect is called Argyria. This happens when you come into contact with excessive exposure to silver particles or silver dust, the colorless silver particles settle into your tissues. In the skin, the silver binds with sulfur using UV light as energy for the reaction, and black silver sulfide forms. That’s what gives your skin a blue appearance. Technical I know, but the point is if you buy a high quality form and use it as directed, this won't happen. I personally use a pharmaceutical grade when I begin getting the sniffles in addition to a laundry list of other issues that creep up. Let's take a peek at some of the benefits of this great liquid.

What can you use colloidal silver for:

  • prevents infection

  • speeds up healing

  • conjunctivitis or pink eye

  • use on athletic gear to keep odors and microbes at bay

  • acts as a broad spectrum antibiotic

  • can be used for herpes virus

  • is anti-fungal against certain strains

  • ear infections

  • sinus infections

  • used by alternative medicine doctors as part of their cancer protocol

  • effective against smallpox

  • relieves eczema

Side effects from this magical liquid are few and far between. Studies show it might interfere with certain thyroid medications or antibiotics, so be sure to consult your pharmacist. Because this emulates a powerful antibiotic, it's important to supplement with a good probiotic. Lastly, make sure your choice is pure. There are brands out there that have additional ingredients or are not a pure form of colloidal silver - read your labels.

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