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This 25 page booklet is filled with practical and immediately useable tips—delivered in doable bite-sized  portions—for creating a way out of the struggles with emotional eating and overeating. These tools and techniques have been tried and tested by my coaching clients and participants in my coaching program.  The ebook is complete with logs for emotion, food, fitness and stress as well as a meal planner log and general tips for healthy eating.


Discover the real secrets to taking charge of your eating, weight but more importantly reducing or regressing your autoimmune disease(s).  My reducing your stress and getting to some of the root causes of overeating and/or emotional eating, you gain control over your autoimmune condition.   Find out what to do instead of turning to food when you are stressed, frustrated, tired, or feeling bad; and learn some simple strategies for dealing with cravings. Most of all, discover how to make changes that last

70 Powerful Ways to Take Control


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