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Cutting Away the Vines

We have several acres to roam where we live, which is a huge blessing during this time of home confinement. In the wooded part of our lot are several wild apple trees. Many are covered by brush with vines growing up the trunk, entangling the branches and stunting it's growth.

Over the weekend we started to clear away the vines and the brush so these beautiful blossoming apple trees could thrive in their natural surroundings. As we were cutting the vines away at the base it felt like the tree was breathing a big sigh of relief, thanking us for setting it free. During our efforts, it occurred to me that the apple tree resembled myself. The vines and the brush resembled the strongholds of my autoimmune disease. These strongholds, which for me, resembled the physical pains of my poor dietary choices and the mental anguish of toxic relationships, of my past and those who have offended me both physically and mentally and all those sleepless nights that left me zapped of energy, leaving only my second and third best to give to my family and friends.

It took years for me to loosen the grips of all the anguish and it came with a lot of tears, vulnerability and trial and error but it was so worth it. The vines that once left me crippled and knotted around the branches I was trying to grow have been cut away - forever, allowing me to grow taller and stronger. Nourishing my body with what it’s been yearning for spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically is producing so many more sweet and fragrant blossoms that are turning into fruit. Sweet, perfectly imperfect fruit that is able to be passed on to the next person who’s finding themselves without hope and trapped by the strongholds of stress, lack of sleep, toxic relationships and poor nutrition.

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