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For the Ladies - My Top 5 MUST HAVE Products

As we emerge into spring (I hope), I’m sharing my 5 favorite products that I use on a daily basis – some more than once a day!

Not only can you drink this fermented milk called kefir, you can wear it as a moisturizer. Kefir is rich in probiotics and minerals making it great choice for our largest organ! My albino-looking skin can often look dehydrated year round, even though I drink about 80 ounces of water a day. I use this under my makeup as well as at night to keep my skin hydrated, smooth and to diminish my fine lines.

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This is my favorite face wash that contains natural and organic ingredients. I keep one in my shower and one on my vanity to ensure it’s close at hand for a completely clean face. This cleanser leaves my face feeling clean, smooth and moisturized. I also like their Naturalii Vitality Facial Scrub which is gentle enough to exfoliate your skin daily.

Biobasics by Lifeplus

I can’t say enough about this product! This is my insurance for the day. I’m a “clean” eater but let’s face it, even though I’m eating whole foods, I’m not eating enough of them to make a big impact on my health. Not only that, but our soil is so deprived of nutrients that even the whole foods I’m eating are not necessarily full of all the vitamins they once were when my grandparents were around. For about $1.60 a day, I’m guaranteed to get 100% of the daily values of all essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and magnesium.

· Half the daily need for fiber.

· 35 concentrated fruits and vegetables.

· 17 concentrated herbs.

· Concentrated sea vegetables.

· Special greens including Spirulina and Chlorella

· 35 different Antioxidants.

Menstrual Cup by MeLuna

Ok, I’m not going to go into great detail here for obvious reasons, but I will tell you that I was getting major headaches from conventional menstrual pads and tampons. And as I have continued to make cleaner lifestyle changes, that included my feminine products. I never really gave much thought to chemicals that are in our tampons and pads which are then absorbed through my skin, which made sense as to why I was getting headaches. In an effort to continue making my lifestyle changes I switched to a menstrual cup. I thought I was going to throw up the first time I used one but stuck with it and it’s not a big deal now. It’s extremely convenient, MUCH cheaper and MUCH healthier for my body. Like anything else, there are several brands out there, but the link to the MeLuna brand is the best I think. The website is very helpful.

Organic Flaxseed

If you’ve not read My Healing Journey I would encourage you to take a minute or two to read it. I have had a history of autoimmune issues since I was 18. Through lifestyle changes, I’ve been able to turn it all around. One important component I have added is organic Flaxseed. Flaxseed is a superfood that contains omega 3’s which help fight inflammation as well as antioxidants. Benefits of flaxseed include helping improved digestion, skin, cardiovascular health, cholesterol and hormone balance while fighting cancer and even sugar cravings. Balancing my hormones is my main driver to adding these ground seeds to my salads, BioBasics or protein shakes daily.

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