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Unconventional Reasons for Autoimmune Diseases

There is a massive disconnect between what causes autoimmunity and how traditional medicine treats it. If you are frustrated by the conventional medicine approach to your health and well-being like I was, I hope this information helps you uncover other ways to treat autoimmune disease, and to know that with some perseverance you can reverse your condition!

Autoimmune diseases are disease of the immune system. If you have an autoimmune disease, somewhere along the way your immune system decided to take its own path and began attacking your own tissues such as your thyroid, your intestines, your skin, your brain, your pancreas, or other organs. But no matter what part of your body is under attack, the culprit is your immune system. That said, in order prevent, and reverse autoimmune diseases getting your immune system in check in necessary.

Sadly, in our current medical system, autoimmune diseases are not recognized as diseases of the immune system as a whole. Instead they are treated as diseases of specific organs. Meaning, doctors won’t treat your body as a whole but rather they’ll encourage you to seek out a specialist for that particular part of your body that is affected. And if you have several organs affected, you’ll be seeing a multitude of specialists who will likely recommend a host of different medications, with side effects, to treat each organ.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be explaining in greater detail the potential causes for autoimmune, but for now, let’s identify them:


Leaky gut



Imbalance of Hormones

When I was at the beginning of my autoimmune health journey, my doctors were more concerned about managing my symptoms as opposed to reversing them through means that had lofty side effects like fatigue, depression, weight gain to name a few. But I found hope in a more integrative approach. My new health approach led me to a path of vitality, resilience and freedom.

My mission as an integrative health coach is to empower others by providing them the tools I wish I had when traditional medicine failed me during my own struggle with autoimmune disease. That’s why I want to help you identify causes of your autoimmunity so that you can take your health back and avoid the severe and unnecessary treatments that I was forced into by conventional medicine when I realized I had the signs of an autoimmune disease.

Change is hard! What if you had a strategy, personalized to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle, from a trained healthcare expert who's been where you are and who will empower you to become all you want to be? NOW, that would be EASY. Click here to schedule your free consultation.

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