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Connection is essential to grow and maintain our best health. This requires a blend of connection with other humans and nature. These often work together however at some time or another, we’ve all experienced the hurt or loss of connection to others. When we experience this type of disconnect our brains equate this to the liking of physical pain. Because our brains are responsible for processing physical pain the same as social pain, it’s no wonder losing a loved one or a breakup is often described as “being kicked in the gut” or being “broken hearted.” Our brains are experiencing it the same way! Our need for connection to others, a strong social support is a requirement for good health, just the same as is nourishing your body through food.

Numerous studies have proven that positive relationships with others have been shown to lower our stress hormone and increase our sense of calm and connection. And the opposite is true as well proving those with greater levels of stress and depression experience a multitude of negative health consequences.

If you’re experiencing an autoimmune disease, you’re likely suffering in silence and in solitude. This prevents us from being vulnerable with trusted sources who we can rely on for support. Creating a loving and caring network of friends and family will encourage you to make the dietary and lifestyle changes you need when it comes to healing and maintain your best health.

“I have too many friends and family who care for me and are willing to help out!” - says no one!! If you find yourself in need of improving your connections to others, here are some tips:

Open Up – use your current network to make new friendships.

Find Your Voice – your tribe doesn’t know what you need unless you tell them. Learn to communicate your needs so those around you can fulfill them.

Take Risks – accept invitations, join groups, try new activities, and have an open mind to new adventures

Discover – if you feel you’re missing that certain something in your life but can’t put your finger on it – take a minute to think about what area of your life is lacking. For example, social, practical, or emotional needs.

Let Go – Many of these tips are challenging, but sometimes this one can be the hardest. Are there unhealthy relationships in your life that simply aren’t serving you? Letting go of these negative relationships will only help you to create space for new ones.

Find Your Treasures – Meaningful connections don’t happen over night and strong relationships are never one-sided. It’s important for you to find ways to contribute to your important relationships and tell them just how special they are to you and your appreciation of them.

“Alone and without love, we die. Life itself is as dependent on relationships with others as it is on food.” ~M.N. Beck

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