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Feeling Like a Sloth? Your Adrenals Could be to Blame

If you often feel tired, have low energy and no matter what you try you can’t lose weight, weakened adrenal glands might be to blame. Your adrenal glands are the walnut sized, triangle-shaped endocrine glands that sit just above the kidneys. They’re main responsibility is to produce the hormones required to manage both physical and emotional stress.

Fatigued or overtasked adrenal glands can cause a whole host of problems in your body. I experienced several of the symptoms listed below before I brought balance back to my body and mind.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Excessive sweating or perspiration from little activity

Lower back pain and/or knee weakness or pain, especially on the side

Dark circles under the eyes


Muscle twitches

Low blood sugar

Heart palpitations

Sensitivity to light, or difficulty seeing at night

A craving for salt

Low stamina for stress, easily irritated

Excessive mood responses after eating carbohydrates such as pasta, breads and sugar

Chronic infections

Low blood pressure

Light-headedness on standing up

Tired but wired feeling, poor sleep

Cravings for sweets and carbs, intolerance to alcohol

Premature aging

Dry, unhealthy skin with excess pigmentation

Lack of libido

Cystic breasts

Tendency to startle easily

Negative response to thyroid hormone

If you suspect your adrenals are overtasked address it right away with your healthcare provider. Healthy adrenal glands are extremely important to a healthy immune system and are necessary for proper thyroid function.

Here are the 5 natural ways I supported my adrenals:

1. Get Some Sleep.

You must rest if you are going to help your adrenals get stronger. That means going to bed every night ideally by 10 p.m. Make this a priority and creating this routine will help your body to repair and restore itself. Your adrenals need their beauty sleep!

2. Eliminate Sugar and Processed Carbohydrate.

It was a ritual for my husband and I to reward ourselves with a Caramel Macchiato after an hours workout. Little did we know that we were undoing all the time and hard effort we just put in. Not to mention the blood sugar frenzy we were causing! Needless to say we have since stopped that! Sugar and processed carbohydrates put stress on the adrenals and wear them out. Additionally, hormones produced from your adrenal glands help regulate your blood sugar levels. If they’re worn out, they won’t be able to help regulate your blood sugar, which is key to maintaining a healthy weight, energy levels, and immune system.

3. Eat Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Legumes and Beans.

Pesticides and insecticides found in conventional foods can fatigue your adrenal glands, so look for organic whenever possible. This doesn’t have to break the bank. The Environmental Working Group annually posts the fruits and vegetables that we should be buying from the organic section. Washing your produce thoroughly will also help, there are lots of inexpensive ways to do this. Frozen vegetables are another option especially during the late fall and winter months. Joining a CSA is another great option or subscribing to an “ugly” fruit and vegetable box. If you consume animal protein, organic or pasture raised is best when available. Again, there are subscriptions to organic meat companies such as Butcher Box, etc.

4. Quit Your Caffeine Habit.

Did you eyeballs just get as big as baseballs? Too much caffeine can task your adrenals, so ease up on it. If you must, shoot for after 11 a.m. to get your fix as that’s when your cortisol (hormone that talks to your adrenal glands) begins to lower. It may seem counterintuitive, but you’ll have more energy in the end if you give up the short term kick you get from caffeine. Replace your caffeinated beverages with purified water with lemon, herbal teas, coconut water or bone broth. Some people can handle a little caffeine just fine and some can’t handle even a cup; know your body and eliminate all caffeine if needed.

5. Drink Plenty of Purified Water Every Day.

Purified water will flush toxins out of your body and help keep healthy adrenals on track. I suggested half your body weight in ounces to have your body running at it’s optimal level.

These changes weren't overnight for me and it took a while for my adrenals to "normalize" but it was well worth not feeling like I couldn't function during the day. Hang in there, I promise it will pay off!

Change is hard! What if you had a strategy, personalized to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle, from a trained healthcare expert who's been where you are and who will empower you to become all you want to be? NOW, that would be EASY. Click here to schedule your free discovery call.

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