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Including Your Mind, Heart and Soul in Your Wellness Practice

Wellness is far more than diet and exercise. It’s also about what occupies your mental space. Numerous clients have experienced the negative side-effects of unhealthy relationships and general stress to a overwhelming and exhaustive level.

We often hear about different ways to exercise in order to combat stress. That’s all well and good, but you have to address your mindset in order to manage the stress in a different and often times better way. Wellness is…

1. … realizing that you are sometimes your own worst enemy, especially when it comes to the past. Don’t be a prison to your memory!

In life, we ebb and flow through different seasons that no longer serve us. And part of that ebbing and flowing is embracing when it’s time to fully let go of your past - including any negative, ruminating thoughts - and close that door and throw away the key.

Tip: Next time you feel any negative thoughts creep in, acknowledge them – that was then, this is now and move on with your day.

2. … not letting people who are at war with themselves influence your energy.

All of us exchange energy during the day whether it is in-person, through text, via email, or in social media exchanges. And not all of these interactions are positive, which can quickly drain our energy reserves and put us in a bitter mood.

Tip: Even though you can’t avoid all negative interaction - you can set up healthy boundaries for how much time you’ll spend with certain people or on specific social platforms that you know drain your energy.

3. … not taking criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from. This is my favorite cause I feel it gives me permission to let their words roll off my back much faster.

Right or wrong, everyone has an opinion. And it seems like everyone likes to share those opinions with you on what your life should look like. Seek your instruction from those who are wise.

Tip: In order to filter out whose opinion deserves weight in your life, ask yourself these three questions:

Does this person know me my heart and my motives?

Does this person have my best interest in mind?

Are they familiar with my past successes and failures?

Hopefully, these questions help you step outside of the moment and put those opinions into perspective.

4. … not engaging in every argument you’re invited to.

Our words have power to either build us up or tear us down. In most scenarios, very little comes out of an argument other than mean, hurtful words and even broken relationships.

Tip: While you might have the best intentions when stepping into a conversation, ask yourself if anything productive will come from it. There’s a difference between a healthy exchange of differing opinions and a full-on argument.

5. … respecting the relationships you’ve had and for the lessons they brought you, but now is the time for cutting the ties of toxic relationships. Surround yourself with those who build you up and share in your joy.

Tip: If there’s a toxic person in your life, try setting up boundaries to see if that helps eliminate the toxicity they are pouring into your life.

6. … staying home, doing nothing, drinking tea and listening to the birds sing.

Tip: Make an effort to schedule in regular time to be still with yourself. It doesn’t have to look the same each time.

Let these be a reminder to you that wellness can be practiced many ways. While diet and exercise are undoubtedly important, there are so many aspects of well-being that can’t be overlooked - including your mind, heart, and soul and sometimes they are the more important ones!

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