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Is it Time to Repack Your Bags?

Have you ever started a new journey? Maybe it was a new job, a new relationship, a new baby, a new school or a new city? Regardless, we’ve have all been there before in some form or fashion.

New beginnings can also include past sad endings.

Think of past issues like clothing in a suitcase. When we are unwilling to let go of our emotional and mental history, we begin to stuff more and more into our suitcase until one day we recognize what a heavy burden we are carrying around. Reliving these memories of the past keeps us from enjoying life right now.

Carrying the past hinders our energy from fully engaging in the present. Socrates said it well when he stated, “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.” Life is right here, right now and there's no stopping it. Past events and emotions don’t have control over you unless you allow them to unpack themselves and set up residence.

So what should we pack for the journey? What should we put in our luggage? What do we leave out?

We can stuff our “suitcase of life” with too many things, so every pocket, pouch and space is filled to the brim with items we will never use. We can pack in stress, hurt, regrets, past disappointments, shame, fear, loneliness, anger, guilt, sorrow, and burdens we carry over from year to year. Before we know it, we can barely lift our suitcase let alone close it. But what's happened is we've made no room for the good that is yet to come. For the "pretty's" we pick up along the way in our journey.

Take a minute to look within your emotional suitcase. Are you holding on to a particular issue or memory that no longer serves you, are you willing to let that go? If you are, decide to release it right now. Repeat this process until you no longer feel an emotion connected to those memories or thoughts.

Remember, there isn’t anything in the past that can hold you back from being present now. That is a daily choice we make. Letting go is a journey on its own and one that we will repeat as life brings us highs and lows. If we are aware of this and expect it then we will recognize it as it happens and have the ability to immediately let it go.

As we work on unpacking our bags and letting go of the past, we begin to focus our attention on the Now. Events, thoughts, drama, fears and emotion come and seem important at the time but then they are gone along with that moment. By staying present, we allow those things to disappear and not follow us, adding to our heavy load, weighing us down.

There is power available to us when we engage in the present moment…the Now. Don’t let the blessings of your journey not make it into your luggage because your suitcase is too heavy and without enough room. Change is hard! What if you had a strategy, personalized to meet your needs and fit your lifestyle, from a trained healthcare expert who's been where you are and who will empower you to become all you want to be? NOW, that would be EASY. Click here to schedule your free discovery call.

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