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Lessons Realized in the Face of a Challenging Year

Happy New Year!

I sat down to capture some of the biggest lessons that came out of 2020 for me. I didn’t want this year to end feeling like “I just needed to get through it.”

The truth is, I’ve struggled with my feelings throughout this season. While I didn’t experience the extreme hardship of the year like I know many people did (and still do), 2020 was CHALLENGING for me. Out of the challenges came gratitude, learning and resilience. Here are some of my 2020 reflections:

Connecting with nature energizes my mind and body. Not being able to connect physically with family and friends left me wandering in nature which ended up to be a good thing. I felt more peaceful, calm and relaxed. Research has shown clear benefits from lowering stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate as well as increased immune function. Not only did I experience these great benefits, but just observing the rolling hills, mountains, running water, the delicate leaves of tree or plant left me feeling small, but not insignificant!

Being intentional with a project (whether in the house or in my business) paved the way for some creative problem solving which in turn gave me renewed strength as well as opened Pandora's box to other possibilities that exceeded my imagination.

Community is important. Virtual gatherings just don't cut it for me. Being physically present with my friends, family, church, gym buddies and my yogis provides me with more than I thought. Community gave me an opportunity to grow together, share common interests, goals and purpose. It gives meaning to something greater than myself.

Celebrate! Both big and small achievements! Pre-COVID I was accepted by the Board of Medical Examiners to sit for the national boards for health and wellness. I knew this would mean lots of studying, time away from friends and family and leading a more organized life with weaving in study groups and reading lots of new material. When we were forced into lockdown, COVID paved the way! This meant I wouldn't feel nearly as guilty for taking the next 9 months to study. Because I hate school, it was grueling and while I can tell you I sat on my front porch and cried endlessly about having to study, it paid off. I was persistent with my goal and when I felt defeated, I would take a break and get back at it once I felt rejuvenated and got over my pity party. So, while I could have given birth to a baby during the time it took to be accepted for this exam, study and get my results, I did give birth to a new part of me and my pursuit to better myself as a coach. Learning new skills stretched me outside of my comfort zone and empowered me to learn new skills as well.

Decluttering frees my spirit and puts me in a wonderful mood! I'm too sentimental to become a minimalist but getting rid of old furniture, books, clothes and dishes that others can use gives me a sense of purpose, makes me more productive, have better sleep and make space to take on bigger projects. "Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor - it's anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living." ~Peter Walsh

Pivot. Opportunities always exist, now more than ever. This year was filled with abundant opportunities of every kind.

Surrender. I have strengthened my faith at different points in my life, mostly through the most difficult of times. Surrendering to my higher power and trusting Him has helped me and fortified me. I have grown exponentially in this area and am beyond grateful!

So, I raise a toast to even bigger reflections in 2021!

What are your 2020 reflections? And keep in mind, reflection doesn’t mean judgement.

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